Student Experience Strategic Plan

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Student Experience Vision, Purpose, and Values

The Student Experience portfolio is currently undergoing a strategic planning process. We are pleased to share our draft Why (Vision), What (Purpose), and How (Values) statements:


The Western Student Experience inspires all learners to ignite extraordinary change in the world. 


Support the whole learner's growth through programs, services and experiences that foster well-being, build connections and develop skills.


Showing genuine compassion.
Fostering an inclusive environment.
Being respectful of others.
Working collaboratively.
Striving towards excellence.


Student Experience Outcomes

Student Experience Portfolio-Wide Outcomes

As a result of programs and services offered in the Student Experience Portfolio, Western students:

•  Develop leadership skills through experiences, mentoring, and formal training.

•  Acquire and apply a range of social, emotional, academic and workplace-relevant transferrable skills.

•  Engage in experiential learning opportunities through co-curricular engagement, work integrated learning, entrepreneurship and community engaged learning that prepare them for future professional, academic and work endeavors.

•  Access a more inclusive campus community that promotes cultural awareness and competencies among students, Indigenizes the institution, and removes barriers to student learning.

•  Achieve well-being through active participation in a range of programs and services that promote healthy behaviours and support students in responding to challenges they experience.

•  Are community engaged by actively building connections with members of Western, local and global communities.

•  Identify and feel connected to the Western Mustangs community; students recognize that individual contributions to and membership within the Mustangs community contributes to both our individual and collective success.  

Unit Outcomes

Indigenous Services

•  Western’s campus community is more aware of and able to work with Indigenous Peoples and Cultures.

•  Indigenous Students are connected to the campus community.

•  Indigenous Students see themselves reflected in the campus community.

•  Indigenous Students have increased connection with their personal and cultural identity.

•  Western University has close ties with surrounding indigenous communities.

•  Indigenous students are supported through culturally responsive services.

•  Indigenous Students develop leadership skills.

Propel: Student Entrepreneurship

•  Students, youth, faculty and staff are exposed to entrepreneurship.

•  Students develop transferrable skills through hands-on experience.

•  Western University is a hub for increased job creation through student and youth start-ups.

•  Student entrepreneurs have access to more professional resources and services on campus.

•  Student and youth start-ups have an increased survival rate.

•  Western’s institutional climate supports and fosters entrepreneurship.

Sexual Violence Prevention & Education

Coming soon. Outcomes Currently Under Development.

Sports and Recreation Services

•  Develop leadership skills by working effectively in teams, learning to support their peers, effectively managing conflicts, and building self-awareness by exploring their own strengths and talents.

•  Achieve physical and mental wellness through engagement in healthy physical activity, nutrition, and sleep behaviours.

•  Build and apply resiliency skills, including a positive outlook, ability to overcome challenges, coping skills, and learning about effective outlets to stress.

•  Build self-management and goal setting skills, including the ability to set and achieve academic, personal and fitness / performance related goals while managing competing demands.

•  Establish supportive community connections to peers, faculty, and staff including civic mindedness and desire to contribute to their respective communities in the future.

Student Development Centre

•  Students have the skills, resources, and tools they need to succeed personally and academically.

•  Western’s campus community supports student mental health.

•  Western is an accessible campus community that supports diverse student needs.

•  Students develop knowledge, leadership, and professional skills through volunteer and professional training.

•  Western University is more Indigenized as an institution.

The Student Success Centre

•  Students develop, can identify and articulate a range of transferrable skills.

•  Community and industry partners are able to access Western talent to contribute in meaningful ways to their organizations.

•  Students have increased access to a range of outside-the-classroom opportunities.

•  Students increase their ability to engage in career exploration, planning, and decision-making.

•  Students enhance skills and experiences that equip them to be global leaders.

Wellness Education Centre

As a result of the work of the Wellness Centre, Western students:

•  Have greater understanding of the connection between wellness and academic achievement.

•  Develop skills and employ strategies to enhance their wellness.

•  Know about supports on campus that foster Wellness and how to access them.

•  Understand factors that contribute to their wellness.

•  Have streamlined access to mental and physical health services on campus.