Digital Engagement Projects

The Digital Engagement team is available to support all staff within Student Experience in providing educational programming in a digital third space. A significant amount of learning takes place outside of the classroom, increasingly in online environments.

Project Requests

To submit a project request to the team, please click on the appropriate submission button below: 

Request a Project for Leadership & Learning 


Request a Project for Wellness & Wellbeing


Content Goals

Student Experience digital engagement programming content is intended to help students:

  • Celebrate: We want our audience to share in the joy of successes shared by other students. This focuses on intrapersonal thriving, including a positive perspective.
  • Educate: We want to inform students about issues, events, conversations, etc. that may be meaningful and relevant to their lives. This focuses on academic thriving, including engaged learning.
  • Engage: We want to deliver content that is diverse, relatable, and interactive. This also focuses on academic thriving, including engaged learning.
  • Entertain: We want our content to be fun and exude Western pride. This focuses on interpersonal thriving, including social connectedness.
  • Relate: We want to reach the entire community of Western students. This focuses on interpersonal thriving, including diverse citizenship.


All content in the digital community should aim to engage with at least one of these goals. These goals function independently and in tandem to increase engagement of all Western students on-campus and in the community by raising awareness of issues affecting students; sharing stories of hope, struggle, determination, and thriving; and providing a platform for digital engagement that students find compelling.