Outcome-Based Assessment

Western Student Experience is committed to constant quality improvement and accountability. We are working to measure our success based on student-driven outcomes. The outcomes-based assessment cycle tools and resources on this website are designed to assist staff and student leaders in engaging in outcomes-based assessment and program planning.

Outcomes-based assessment cycle

Assessment Toolkit

The following PDF guides provide helpful information and tools to help you navigate many stages of the outcomes-based assessment cycle above. Please click the links below to download these resources:

Click here to download a guide for developing program and service learning outcomes.

Click here to download a guide for developing survey tools.

Click here to download a guide for developing rubric assessment tools.

Click here to download a guide on planning and facilitating focus groups.

Outcomes Based Planning Tools

Click here to download a logic model based outcome-driven program and service planning template

Student Experience Assessment Committee

The Student Experience (SE) assessment committee was launched in December 2016, and is intended to engage members from all teams within SE in the process of assessment planning, design and implementation across the division. The committee will also act as a resource to share tools and best practices for assessment with colleagues, leading to enhanced consistency and quality of assessment activities across SE.

Click here to download the terms of reference for the Student Experience Assessment Committee.