All staff must register through “myHR” at

    You have the option to register for the full series cohort, but selecting the Thriving Certificate course code, or choosing one of 3 selected individual sessions.


    All Western staff who work with students are eligible to register for the Thriving Certificate, or for any of the 3 individually available sessions.

    How to Register

    Note the Course Number of the workshop(s) you wish to attend
    Sign into myHR
    Select Training
    Select Enroll in Internal Training Courses
    Select Search by Course Number
    Screenshot of myHR course search
    Find your course and View Available Sessions
    Click on the session you plan to attend
    Submit your registration
    Print the confirmation screen for your records

    Registration is available by course for the following sessions:

    We are asking those interested to register in the FULL Series at once using this Course Name and Course Code:

    Registration for the Book Club and/or Coffee & Conversations

    Registration for these will happen closer to the date of the sessions. A message will be sent out with details on how to register.